Participation Requirements

1) Athletic Physical Exam

Student-athletes are required to have a pre-participation examination (PPE) performed by a medical professional.  The overall goal of the PPE is to help maintain the health and safety of student-athletes.  Its purpose is not to exclude athletes from participation but to promote safe participation.

Physical examinations are good for 13-months from the date of examination.  This encourages student-athletes to visit a doctor at least once each year.  See your own doctor or take advantage of one of the free clinics put on by volunteers from The Iowa Clinic right here at Hoyt Middle School.

Athletic Physical Form (English Spanish)

2) Athletic Registration

Parents/guardians must complete an athletic registration process before their student is eligible to participate in athletics.  This registration form asks for emergency contact information, a medical insurance waiver, permission to participate in athletics, and an understanding of the harm that can stem from concussions.

This registration must be completed each school year and for each student participating in athletics.

3) Athletic Fees

Athletic fees have been waived for participants; however, you may still make a donation to help ensure our athletics programming is able to function at a high level.

Student Engagement Coordinator

Matt Bjork