Welcome to Hoyt

Hoyt Middle School proudly serves east side students and families. Our campus is located on the far east side of Des Moines and we are home to approximately 650 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students of whom the majority will go to East High School. We are unique in that we share a campus with Brubaker Elementary .

One of our greatest strengths is the diversity of our student population as well as the programming we provide daily. We have a strong commitment to the middle school philosophy and are working to improve our delivery of instruction so as to better prepare students for the economy in which they live. We also recognize the importance of educating the whole child and spend time on the social and emotional aspects of our adolescents.

In addition to the 4 core classes offered all students, they also experience extended core classes that include, art, various music classes, technology, and family and consumer sciences. Hoyt has after-school activities and clubs that are available for all students. We are the Hoyt Hawks and Hoyt Hawks SOAR  by exhibiting Safety and Order, Achievement and Respect!